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BS Double (!) quote of the day for 2013-07-18

This may explain why 75% of our first criticisms arising within a week, among publishing authors, come from plant biologists, some developing patents on GMOs, even if it was a toxicological paper on mammals, and from Monsanto Company who owns both the NK603 GM maize and Roundup herbicide…

-Séralini et. al. “Answers to critics



an ad hominem attack often is an important signal indicating that the attacker is wrong, very wrong indeed. It is nothing else than an open admission by “the other side” that they have no more reasonable arguments, that they are resorting to unreasonable notions, and that they have lost not just the plot but also the debate. In other words, being personally attacked in this way is a compliment and an unfailing sign of victory

Dr. Edzard Ernst “Ad hominem attacks are signs of victories of reason over unreason


If this doesn’t make sense to you, try watching this excellent video and then read them again:


Thanks, Moonsanto!

I threw together a little image to highlight the fact that Monsanto is to blame for everything, these days. People on FB seemed to like it, so what the hell. Imma go play Kerbal Space Program now. See ya’ll later.


Could this be the dumbest anti GE meme ever?

I see a lot of silly anti-GMO memes recycled over and over again. Needles in tomatoes, farmers in hazmat suits (as if organic farmers don’t wear protective gear when they’re spraying pyrethrin on their crops). But this image, which I saw today on the website of an–organic food marketing corporation–is the stupidest ones I’ve seen so far:




Take a good hard look. This isn’t too far from the quality of logic driving most of the hysteria against genetic engineering.